Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Jesters - Little girl

On the subject of obscure records, can anyone tell me anything about this 45 that I also bought today. The record is on the RL label and is by The Jesters featuring, according to the label, Bob Allen and Eddie James. the A side 'Little girl' is a rocking little number with close harmony, a twangy guitar background a la Bert Weedon and lots of wo wo wos and yeah yeah yeahs.. B side Casa Pedro is a run of the mill guitar instrumental. The Rare Record Guide lists it as a £30 record released in 1962 so someone must know something about it but I've drawn a blank on Google.


At 6:46 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jesters were only together for a year.The record was recorded late 1962 ,in London.
The 'Bert Weedon'guitarist (Pete Clifford)left to join The Echoes who toured with Dusty Springfield until 1964 .He later joined a group called 004 ,and The Bats in South Africa ,where he now lives.


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