Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Apologies to L Ron

Firstly, an apology to L Ron Hubbard for putting the Ron before the L in my recent item on Isaac Hayes and his decision to quit South Park because it ridiculed Scientology. My mistake is of course inexcusable and I will no doubt burn in hell or the planet Xenu, unless the Scientologists get me first in which case I will probably see the error of my ways and give my millions to the cause. Secondly, why has the offending episode not been shown in the UK? The Times said today that it was because of 'legal reasons' but I suspect it's yet another example of the media running scared of extremists. First it was the cartoons of Mohammed, now it's the Scientologists. Next thing we know we won't be free to say that Catholics are responsible for much of the misery in the third world because of their policy on contraception, or that Ian Paisley is an intolerant Protestant bigot who should have retired years ago.


At 5:46 pm , Blogger ChrisB said...

Damn right! THe Indy said it was because of the litigious nature of Tom Cruise who is mercilessly ribbed in it and spends far too long in a cupboard with a candidate for messiah in a hoody.

They stated he'd take no action but was so inclined too that noone really fancied it - if I'd been less busy this week I'd have been scouring the net for a downoad - I'm sure its out there somewhere - are you prepared to accept this mission...


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