Friday, June 16, 2006

More on Johnny Paris

Following The Vinyl Word entry of May 13 on the death of Johnny Paris, of Johnny of the Hurricanes, I've received this update from Sonja Reuter, Johnny's widow:
Just received the full autopsy report on John two days ago. It confirmed his death due to splenectomy, pneumonia and sepsis. It also mentioned inflammation in the panceas area. Again no remarks about cancer or leukaemia, it is now definitely ruled out. We are relieved, as cancer would always be something you need to worry in family lines, which would be devastating for his children. But it also leaves us desperate, because this man really did not need to die if the doctors would have caught the severity of his conditions in time, he was too young and in November 2005 still too strong to end up the way he did. It is a crying shame.Sonja Reuter (widow of Johnny Paris)
Thanks for the information Sonja and for reading the blog.
New readers should make a point of reading two excellent publications:
UK Rock magazine (proprietor and editor John Howard)
Tales From The Woods (founder and editor Keith Woods)


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