Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another Hurricane dies - and Pookie Hudson

Back in May I did a little tribute to Johnny Paris of Johnny and the Hurricanes on The Vinyl Word, which resulted in some correspondence from his widow Sonja. I now see that a comment's been posted saying that another original member of the band has died - bass player Lionel 'Butch' Mattice. Butch played on all the early recordings but apparently he and the other original members broke with Johnny in 1961 because of personality differences and formed their own band The Fascinators. Johnny and the Hurricanes continued with a variety of line ups over the years.
There's some interesting correspondence on all this, including some reminiscences from Lynn Bruce, who played drums with the band in 1960-61, on this link
Another great who has joined the ever growing celestial doowop choir is Pookie Hudson, lead singer of The Spaniels, who has died aged 72. Goodnite Pookie Goodnite.


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