Friday, February 02, 2007

February sun

The line up for Jazzfest has now been announced and I'm edging towards making the trip. The first weekend looks particularly strong, although nothing compared with a few years ago. Still, if I do go with my girlfriend it will be her first visit and a chance to see how much New Orleans has changed since Katrina. I see that Jerry Lee is featured on one of this year's posters - a must for his fans (of which there are many) I would have thought.
I see that James Brown's body is lying in a gold casket awaiting a decision on where he should be buried. Meanwhile his fourth wife, who was left out of his will, is claiming that she should be allowed into his house to collect her belongings. Will he never rest in peace?
Meanwhile I'm off to get some sun in Cape Town. It's a business trip - to a big mining conference - but there should be a bit of time available for sightseeing and sitting in the sunshine.


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