Friday, February 16, 2007

Reckless Records spins away

It's a sign of the hold that eBay now has on the second hand record market that traditional collectors' record shops are going to the wall in droves. Not long ago Beano's in Croydon gave up the fight. Now it's the turn of Reckless Records. Their shops in Islington and Camden closed down some time ago and now the two shops in Berwick Street, Soho, are closing. One of them has already put up the shutters and the other one is selling off stock at half price or less. I bought a good haul of sixties soul vinyl yesterday, including a number of Kent compilations for £3 each and one or two original 60s LPs worth a good deal more than that for the same price.
I will go back and see what else I can pick up, but it's a shame that these outlets can no longer make enough money to survive. Over the years I've spent quite a bit in Reckless and although their prices were not particularly great there was always plenty to browse through in the racks. The irony is that most charity shops have recently caught on to the fact that some vinyl records are now very collectable, and instead of flogging them off at £1 a time they are sticking record shop prices - and high ones at that - on anything worth having.


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