Thursday, March 29, 2007

Legends of doowop

YouTube can get addictive after a bit. I've been having fun keying in the names of great acts of the 50s and 60s and seeing what comes up. On the (white) girl group theme it was interesting how boring the Angels and Reparata and the Delrons (right) looked, although the Shangri-Las were at least wearing leather slacks. And it was great to see garage bands like the Sir Douglas Quintet, Sam the Sham, ? and the Mysterians, Count Five and the Seeds in their prime.
From the 50s there is understandably less choice, apart from the really big names, but I've come across some great footage of Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, the Big Bopper and even Frankie Ford dressed as a sailor singing Sea Cruise, and there's lots more.
But for amusement I suggest you have look at the Legends of Doowop at It'll make you laugh out loud.


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