Thursday, March 15, 2007

Zydeco virgins

With the star turn C J Chenier stuck in the US and unable to perform, the latest Woodies gig at the 100 Club was always bound to disappoint somewhat. A shame really, as I was accompanied by two gorgeous black zydeco virgins, who had no idea what to expect. One of them is going with me to New Orleans so there will be chances aplenty to see and hear the real thing, but there are few opportunities to experience the genuine article in the UK. Despite the star's failure to turn up (his wife is ill apparently) it was an enjoyable evening, with some good rousing blues and rock from CJ's Red Hot Louisiana band (from Texas!) and a number of home based zydeco musicians, whose names I don't know, filling the gap, and doing so pretty well on the whole. There was some great piano playing by the young lad who was at the King and Queen recently (his name somebody?) and a couple of singers who put their all into the show. Not bad, but not quite the real thing.


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