Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More classic vinyl obscurities

Here's another batch of collectable singles - part of a collection I bought yesterday, most of which are in excellent condition. I have been stalking the owner for about six months and at last got the chance to go through her records, which have been in her garage since ths sixties. She says she has some interesting LPs as well, but I haven't seen them yet, so I live in hope.
1. Lavern Baker - Jim Dandy/ Tra La La. Released in 1957. Mint value: £350.
All of Lavern's Atlantic singles issued in the UK are highly collectable, especially the two that came out on Columbia, so this was a fantastic find. One of her all time classic recordings of course, with a great B side as well, from the film Rock Rock Rock.
2. Little Luther - Eenie Meenie Minie Mo/ Twirl. Released in 1964. Mint value: £70.
This is one the more obscure Chess/Checker releases on Pye International and it's by Luther 'Snake Boy' Johnson, who backed Elmore James before his death and later played with Muddy Waters. He died in 1976. Another excellent double sider.

3. The Bobettes - I Shot Mr Lee/ Billy. Released in 1960. Mint value £40
The Bobbettes (with two Bs) had a huge hit with Mr Lee on Atlantic, but the label refused to issue this rather more controversial follow up, so they re-recorded it for the small Triple X label, forcing Atlantic to change their minds. It's very much in the Mr Lee mould ie brilliant. The Bobbettes were great when they appeared at Rhythm Riot in 2011.

4. The Admirals - The Promised Land/ Palisades Park. Released in 1965. Mint value: £25.
The Admirals were a Manchester group who appear only to have released one record (despite what the Rare Record Guide says) - a typical 60s beat song written by group member Phillip Smith. B side is a cover of the Freddy Cannon hit.
5. The Renegades - Cadillac/ Every Minute Of The Day. Released in 1965. Mint value: £30.
Although originally from Birmingham, The Renegades had their greatest success in Finland and this excellent cover of Vince Taylor's Brand New Cadillac (despite the writing credits) was recorded for a Scandinavian label. The band apparently wore US Civil War uniform on stage but broke up in 1966.
6. Bobby Rio & the Revelles - Value For Love/ I'm Not Made Of Clay. Mint value: £50.
I don't know much about this group apart from the fact that they were from Essex (maybe one of my friends there can add some info) and recorded a number of singles for Pye which were produced by Joe Meek, as this one was.
7. The Kinks - Long Tall Sally/ I Took My Baby Home. Released in 1964. Mint value £120.
This Little Richard cover was the first single by the Kinks and failed to make the charts, making it highly collectable today. It's a laid back version of the number and quite likeable in its own way.
8. The Koobas - You'd Better Make Up Your Mind/ A Place I Know. Released in 1966. Mint value: £60.
The Koobas were a Liverpool group who could have been another Beatles but never quite made it. They were signed to a contract by Brian Epstein and played the Star Club in Hamburg but despite half a dozen singles (this was their second) and a highly collectable psychedelic LP they didn't have a hit and broke up in 1969.

9. The Butterflys - Good Night Baby/ The Swim. Released in 1964. Mint value: £25.
Great girl group double sider from the pen of Jeffy Barry, Ellie Greenwich and Steve Venet.
10. Prince Buster - Blue Beat Spirit/ Beggars Are No Choosers. Released in 1964. Mint value: £35.
This is one of literally dozens of fine ska records released by Prince Buster during the sixties.


At 12:14 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 LaVern's on Columbia? What was the one I missed?
Great haul!
Gordon F

At 12:26 pm , Blogger Nick said...

Tweedle Dee was the other one on Columbia. Nice work if you can find it!

At 6:19 pm , Anonymous John the Soulboy said...

Little Luther - Eeenie Meenie etc. B side the Twirl I first heard on a pirate radio ship broadcast, and on purchase played the thing to death. Great track. Must dig it out and start twirling again. Don't know if its ever been re-released on a CD?
Johnny Soulboy

At 9:16 pm , Blogger Nick said...

I don't remember it from the time: must have missed it on pirate radio. I didn't even know it existed. But I agree - a cracking record - if anything Twirl is even better than the A side.


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