Wednesday, July 22, 2020

More music deaths

There are a few more music deaths to catch on I'm afraid.
I'm grateful to Las Vegas singer Monique Brewster for letting me know about the death from COVID 19 of blues and soul singer Bobby Jones, who also recorded under the name of Bobby Jonz to avoid confusion with the gospel singer of the same name. I saw Bobby on a couple of occasions at the City Lights lounge in Vegas in 2015 and 2016 where he hosted a Monday night blues jam (featuring Monique among others) and was impressed by his smooth B B King sounding vocals. Born in Louisiana in 1936, Bobby moved to Chicago in 1959 and played in blues clubs with the Aces blues band. His first record, 'Sugar Baby' was recorded in the early sixties and others followed for Veejay, USA and Expo, for whom he also recorded an album. Moving to Florida he recorded a local hit called 'I'm So Lonely' and reportedly said that his friend Tyrone Davis's 'Can I Change My Mind' was originally written for him. He returned to Chicago and recorded under the name of Bobby Jonz before relocating to Las Vegas in 1986. Albums included 'I'm In The Mood For Love', 'Bobby Jonz Country' and 'Your Freak Is Here'. In 2007 he recorded 'Big Plans' with the Mannish Boys. Bobby's shows at City Lights showed just what a fine performer he was, with songs including 'The Turning Point' and 'Sweet Little Angel'. The picture above shows Bobby in 2016 while the one below dates from my first visit in 2015.

Another victim of COVID 19 is Jamaican ska and reggae singer Dobby Dobson at the age of 78. Dobby recorded as one half of the duo Chuck and Dobby in 1960 and worked with both Coxsone
Dodd and Duke Reid as a member of the Virtues and Sheiks. He had great success with 'Loving Pauper', which became his signature song and had some UK success with 'Endlessly'. He moved into production, with the Mediations and Barrington Levy and later moved to New York where he recorded and performed occasionally.
Emitt Rhodes - Mirror (1971, Vinyl) | DiscogsAnother death to report is that of singer/songwriter Emitt Rhodes at the age of 70.. He played and recorded with The Merry Go Round in the late sixties and then recorded a home produced album which was released by ABC/Dunhill. This was successful with one number, 'Fresh As A Daisy' achieving success as a single. Other albums included 'An American Dream' (comprising material from his earlier A & M period), 'Mirror' and 'Farewell To Paradise'. He released 'Rainbow Ends', his first album in 43 years, in 2015.


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