Friday, August 21, 2020

Eddie 'Ghetto Baby' Daniels RIP

Another artist who appeared at the much lamented Ponderosa Stomp has passed away. Eddie 'Ghetto Baby' Daniels was one of the stars of the 2013 Stomp and made a big impression, with his bright red suit and hat, flashy rings and silver walking cane. Eddie recorded for the Ebb and Starla labels in LA in the late fifties and claimed, during an interview at the Stomp (where he wore his trademark turban),  to be the only black rockabilly singer. He met up with Eddie Cochran, both of whom were involved with Jerry Capehart who, he said, was a 'cheating dog' after he claimed co-writing credits for Cochran's 'Little Lou' which Daniels said he wrote.
He teamed up with Jewel Akens as one half of Jewel and Eddie on 'Opportunity', which featured Cochran on guitar. He went on to play on Bobby Day's 'Rockin' Robin' and Bob and Earl's 'Harlem Shuffle', but the bulk of his career was spent touring with versions of the Platters and in latter days led a tribute band called The Amazing Platters. I wrote of his Ponderosa Stomp performance:'And so at last it was the turn of Ebb recording artist, the multi talented 75 year old Eddie Daniels, dazzling in a red suit, dripping in jewellery and carrying a silver cane, who blasted his way through some rockabilly flavoured numbers including 'I Wanna Know', 'Hurry Baby', the Everlies sounding Opportunity' and 'Little Lou', before turning to the keyboard and hammering out 'Going to the Mardi Gras', 'Lucille' and 'What'd I Say'.
I saw Eddie again at the Rhythm Riot in 2014 (pictured below) where I was fortunate to be on the left hand side of the stage where he was visible (people on the right would only have seen his music stand). On that occasion I wrote:  'The fifties original starring on the final day was Eddie Daniels. Eddie recorded several tracks for Ebb in the fifties and revealed that he had been to the UK three times before as a member of a version of the Platters. His set this time was very different from the last due, I'm sure. to a road traffic accident a few weeks ago which damaged his right knee. He spent nearly all his set seated at the piano, the music stand of which prevented anyone to the right seeing anything but the top of his red hat. His set included a couple of Ebb recordings including 'Whoa Whoa' and 'Mardi Gras' (although not his best known number 'I Wanna Know') and one of his Jewel (Akens) and Eddie duets 'My Eyes Are Crying' (although, again. not their best known number 'Opportunity'). After insisting that all the audience should believe in God he complained that he had been ripped off over Larry Williams' 'Bony Moronie' and finished with several covers, including 'Oh Lonesome Me', ;'What'd I Say', 'Lucille' and 'Send Me Some Loving'. Despite his obvious lack of mobility I enjoyed his set. although others I was with were less impressed'.


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