Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Mary Wilson RIP

It's very sad that Mary Wilson, founder member of the Primettes and the Supremes - the most successful female group of all time - has died at the relatively young age of 76. It's good, though, that she is getting the recognition her long career undoubtedly deserves. Although she didn't sing lead on any of the Supremes big hits in the Diana Ross era, she was an integral member of the group, adding to its glamorous image and contributing to dozens of recordings from its early days as the Primettes in 1960 right through to 1977 when she left the reformed group. She enjoyed a fairly successful solo career and carried out a lengthy 'Truth In Music' campaign to stop the use of a group's name unless an original member is in the group or the successors are licensed to use the name by the last person to hold the title to the name. Her books - 'Dreamgirl' and 'Supreme Faith' - are among the most interesting memories of Motown from its earliest days, with much information about Berry Gordy and fellow Supremes Diana Ross and Florence Ballard. I was a big fan of the Supremes from the time of their first UK release, 'When The Lovelight Starts Shining Thru' His Eyes' in 1964 and loved the follow ups 'Where Did Our Love Go', 'Baby Love', 'Come See About Me', 'Stop In The Name Of Love' and the rest. A wonderful string of records throughout the sixties and into the seventies after Diana had left. Ironically, she didn't sing on 'Someday We'll Be Together'. Looking through my records it turns out that I have 24 LPs featuring the Supremes, plus many singles and EPs. So pictured are the earlier LPs above and later ones, including compilations and those with the Temptations shown below.


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