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Personal top ten - February to August 1963

I've started so I'll finish, and apologies for the difficulty in reading my personal top tens of the period. Too much use of colour pencil still I'm afraid. This set of lists marks the growth of the girl group sound and the start of the boom which saw R and B and blues artists gain a new prominence in the UK.
The first list, number 245, has the Crystals at number one and new entries by Dionne Warwick and Bobby Darin. List 246 has new entries by Roy Orbison (a future number one) and Dion ('Sandy' - also a number one, plus one by the Rockin' Rebels. List 247 has new ones by Little Eva, Gene McDaniels and Steve Alaimo, and 248 has a new entry by the Exciters and the B side by Little Eva.
List 249 has some old school rock and roll by Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly plus a new one from Patsy Cline; list 250 has new entries by Bobby Rydell and Skeeter Davis. The Miracles enter list 251 with a future number one, 'You Really Got A Hold On Me', and a new one by the Four Seasons. List 252 has new entries by Jackie Wilson ('Baby Workout'), the Everly Brothers, Johnny Burnette and Bob B Soxx and the Blue Jeans.
There was more girl group stuff in 253 with a new entry by the Chiffons which became a number one ('He's So Fine') and a new one by the Orlons in list 254. Bobby Comstock and Chuck Jackson had new entries in 255, while there were new ones by Dee Dee Sharp, the Drifters and Ben E King in list 256.
Gene Pitney and Brian Hyland had new ones in list 257; and there were new entries by Del Shannon, the Cookies and a re-entry by Ben E King in 258. There was a new (old) one by Eddie Cochran on the third anniversary of his death in 259 and a future number one by Jimmy Soul in 260.
List 261 had new entries by the Shirelles and Brook Benton, and there were new ones by Dion and the Rocky Fellers in 262. Sam Cooke had another number one enter in 263 and there was a new one by Bobby Rydell, and list 264 had new entries by Jerry Lee Lewis, Freddie Cannon and Ronnie Hawkins.
List 265 had new ones from the Dovells and Neil Sedaka; list 266 a new one by the Dartells ('Hot Pastrami'). Roy Orbison, Fats Domino, Lesley Gore (a future number one) and Maxine Brown had new ones in 267; while 268 had a re-entry by James Ray and a new one by the Rockin' Rebels.
List 269 saw the entry of another number one by the Crystals ('Da Doo Ron Ron') and new ones by the Everly Brothers and the Count Victors. Buddy Holly and the Four Seasons had new ones in 270; the Piltdown Men, Chubby Checker and Rick Nelson in 271; and a re-entry by the Rockin' Rebels and one by Dionne Warwick in 272.
List 273 had the first of many entries by the Beach Boys and one by Bobby Vinton; 274 had a new one by Jackie Wilson and Linda Hopkins; list 275 saw Chess records arrive with Bo Diddley's first entry plus one by the Rivingtons, whilst Elvis had a new one in 276.
There were new entries by Chuck Berry (a future number one), the Chiffons, Freddie Cannon and the Exciters in list 277. The Essex had a future number one enter in 278; Bob B Soxx and the Blue Jeans and Jimmy Reed entered in list 279, and the Five Du-Tones and Dee Dee Sharp entered in 280.
Dion and John Lee Hooker had new entries in list 281; the Surfaris had a new one in 282; the Orlons, Little Stevie Wonder and Jan and Dean (a future number one) entered in 283, and the Shirelles had a new entry in list 284.
This is the last lot in the current batch and there were new entries by Del Shannon, Lonnie Mack and Gene Pitney in list 285. List 286 had new entries by Jackie Wilson, Peter Paul and Mary, Doris Troy, Bobby Bare and a re-entry by Little Stevie Wonder in 286. The Four Seasons and Joey Dee's 'Dance Dance Dance' (not the Beach Boys) entered in 287 and there were new records by Freddie Scott, Freddie Cannon, the Isley Brothers and Fats Domino bringing us to the end of August.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Personal top ten - August 1962 to February 1963

The latter part of 1962 featured the beginnings of the British beat era, the rise of the girl group sound and the emergence of Phil Spector as a major force. There were plenty of other good pop records around as well.
List 201 had Benny Spellman and Brian Hyland at joint number one, a re-entry by Connie Francis and a new entry by the Lafayettes. Number 202 had a re-entry by David Rose and list 203 had a stack of new entries - by Del Shannon, Little Eva, Elvis Presley, Rick Nelson, a Sam Cooke B side which was one of his best, James Darren and Duane Eddy. In 204 there were new entries for Dion, Buddy Knox, Paul Anka and Lonnie Donegan.
Tommy Roe's 'Sheila' was a new entry in list 205, along with ones by Freddie Cannon, Joe Brown and Gene Vincent. There was a new entry by Johnny Burnette in 206 on its way to number one and in 207 there were new entries by Buddy Holly, Brenda Lee and Jimmy Jones. List 208 had B sides by Buddy Holly and Brenda Lee.
In list 209 there were new ones from Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles and Hank Lochlin. List 210 had two big new entries by Chris Montez (a future number one) and Carole King and one by Dave (Baby) Cortez. List 211 had entries by the Shirelles, Gene McDaniels and Bobby Darin, and number 212 had new ones by Johnny Tillotson, Booker T and the MGs ('Green Onions') and a re-entry.
Number 213 had an entry at number one by Little Richard and one by Gene Pitney; 214 had new ones by Del Shannon and Joey Dee. List 215 had a new one by Sam Cooke which was the biggest scorer of the year ('Nothing Can Change This Love'), new ones by Roy Orbison and the Everly Brothers and a future number one by the Crystals. List 216 saw the arrival of the Four Seasons.
List 217 saw new entries by Brian Hyland and a Chubby Checker B side. The A side ('Limbo Rock') entered in 218, as did records by Bobby Rydell, the Dovells and Johnny and the Hurricanes. There was also an entry at number 10 by the Beatles ('Love Me Do'). This was the first and only time that a British beat group record made it into my top ten. 219 had a re-entry by Chubby Checker and 220 had a new one by Fats Domino.
There were new entries by Neil Sedaka, Bobby Darin, the Sherrys and the Contours in list 221 and in 222 new ones by Duane Eddy and Gary (US) Bonds. There were new ones by the Drifters (a future number one), Patsy Cline and Brenda Lee in 223 and by the Shirelles, Freddie Cannon, Elvis, Chuck Jackson and Dee Dee Sharp in 224.
These ones are hard to read I'm afraid but the basic info is that Roy Orbison, Gene Pitney and Tommy Roe had new ones in 225; Johnny Burnette and the Belmonts in 226; Little Eva, a re-entry by Roy Orbison and the Routers in 227 and Dion, Gene McDaniels and Johnny Tillotson in 228.
Dion reached number one in 229 and there were new entries by the Orlons and the Tijuana Brass; the Cookies and the Tokens had new ones in 230; Lloyd Price, Ray Charles and Connie Francis had new entries in 231; and Johnny Crawford in 232.
Moving into 1963 there was a new entry by Bob B Soxx & the Blue Jeans in 233 and one by Brook Benton. In 234 there were new ones by Rick Nelson, Barry Mann and the Ventures; Del Shannon, Chris Montez, Brenda Lee and Gary (US) Bonds had new ones in 235 and in 236 there were new entries by Tony Orlando and Clarence Henry.
List 237 had a new entry by the Four Seasons; 238 new ones by the Rooftop Singers, Dion, the Exciters and Bobby Vinton; 239 new entries by the Shirelles, Gabriel and the Angels and Gene Pitney; and 240 a future number one by the Crystals.
Finally in this batch there was a new one by Sam Cooke in 241; by Bobby Vee and Floyd Cramer in 242; by Freddie Cannon and Joe Brown in 243, and by Johnny Horton, Neil Sedaka and Billy Fury in list 244.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Personal top ten - February to August 1962.

The year 1962 saw the beginnings of the popularity of R and B and soul which led to the emergence of the British beat boom based on covers of American blues and soul records. My tastes were by then firmly moving away from home grown imitations in favour of the originals, as my personal top ten of the time increasingly shows.
List 161 saw the arrival of two big 'Baby' hits, by Roy Orbison and Bruce Channel, both of which reached number one in my chart. List 162 had a new entry by Bobby Rydell and 'I Know' by Barbara George, while 163 saw new entries by Del Shannon, Johnny Tillotson and the original version of 'If You Got To Make A Fool Of Somebody' by James Ray. Patsy Cline had a new entry in 164. Gene Chandler's 'Duke of Earl' was a 'pick' but inexplicably didn't make the top ten.
In list 165 there were new entries by Fats Domino and the Piltdown Men; Gene Vincent and Freddie Cannon had new entries in 166; the Tokens, Brenda Lee and Rick Nelson had new records in 167; and in 168 there was a new entry by the Drifters.
Don and Juan's 'What's Your Name' entered in list 169 on its way to number one and there was a new entry by Johnny Burnette. Chubby Checker had an entry in 170 and the Lettermen one in list 171. Neil Sedaka and Curtis Lee had new entries in 172.
There was nothing new in list 173 but four new entries in 174, by Johnny and the Hurricanes, Ketty Lester, the Miracles and Lonnie Donegan. List 175 had a new one from Bobby Darin and Gary (US) Bonds had a second twist song in 176.
Ben E King had a future number one enter in list 177 and there were classic records from Brian Hyland and Clyde McPhatter in 178. Chubby Checker and Billy Fury had new ones in 179 and in list 180 there were new entries by Elvis, the Everly Brothers, Jackie Wilson, Duane Eddy and a future number one by the Shirelles ('Soldier Boy'). Jerry Lee Lewis had a 'pick' in 179 which didn't make the top ten.
Four more new records arrived in list 181, by Dion, Ray Charles, Bruce Channel and Dee Dee Sharp. Nothing new in 182 but in 183 there was a re-entry by Duane Eddy and a new one by Johnny Tillotson. List 184 had new entries by Joey Dee, the Everlies, Bobby Vee and Bruce Channel.
Joe Brown had a new one in list 185; the Lettermen, Fats Domino and Gene Pitney had new entries in 186; Roy Orbison entered with another future number one in 187 and there were also new entries by Dr Feelgood and a re-entry by Joe Brown. Freddie Cannon's 'Palisades Park' entered in 188 and was one of the top scoring records of the year despite not reaching number one. There was also a new entry by Ray Charles.
In 189 there were new arrivals by Brenda Lee and Ray Peterson; list 190 had a new one by Sam Cooke and a re-entry by Johnny Tillotson. 191 had new entries by the Crickets, Jim Reeves and Brook Benton and list 192 had new ones by Neil Sedaka, Patsy Cline and the Fireballs. There was also a new entry for Lee Dorsey's 'Ya Ya' despite it not being released in the UK at the time. This was before the pirate stations revolutionised music so I'm unsure where or how I heard it (AFN possibly).
List 193 had a new entry by Benny Spellman ('Lipstick Traces') which became one of my biggest hits of the year and Pat Boone also had a new entry. Clyde McPhatter, Solomon Burke and Donnie Brooks had new ones in 194; Don Gibson and Tony Orlando had new ones in 195 and Dee Dee Sharp added some 'Gravy' in list 196.
In 197 there were new entries by Bobby Darin, Bobby Rydell and David Rose; list 198 had a new one from Chubby Checker; 199 had new entries by Connie Francis and Gary (US) Bonds and in 200, there were entries by Brian Hyland, Bobby Vinton, and follow ups by the Showmen and James Ray.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Personal top ten - September 1961 to February 1962

During late 1961 and early 1962 I continued to keep up my personal top ten at a furious pace. I was 15 and obsessed with pop music, but increasingly disillusioned by the top twenty which featured mostly UK productions, many of which were cover versions of American records. This batch carries the story through to 1962 and apologies again for the difficulty in reading my original lists, written as many of them were, in colour pencil. It should be easier to read them if you click on the individual scans.
List 121 saw 'Cryin' go to number one and new entries from Freddie Cannon and the Four Preps. There were new entries for Fats Domino, Neil Sedaka and Jackie Wilson in list 122; for Gary (US) Bonds and Jerry Lee Lewis in 123, and both sides of the latest Everly Brothers release in 124.
List 125 saw a new entry by the Halos; with new entries in list 126 from Bobby Darin, the Crickets and - gulp - Charlie Drake (how did that happen?) List 127 has a new entry by Mike Berry and one by the Kestrels and list 128 has new arrivals from Clarence Henry, the Ventures, the Drifters and a re-entry by the Crickets. I Like It Like That reached number one.
In list 129 there were new entries by Troy Shondell, Rick Nelson, the Fleetwoods and Ray Charles. Bobby Lewis and Dion ('Runaround Sue') were new entries in 130. There were no fewer than six new entries in list 131, by Bobby Vee (soon to be number one), two sides of Elvis, Sam Cooke, Dave Brubeck and Brenda Lee, but no new entries in list 132.
Curtis Lee, Gene McDaniels and Brenda Lee had new entries in list 133; Chubby Checker had two new entries in list 134 ('The Twist' being a re-entry from a year earlier); Jerry Lee Lewis and the Marcels had new entries in 135; and list 136 saw new entries by Diana Washington, Johnny Burnette, Freddie Cannon and Bobby Rydell.
New entries in list 137 were by Fats Domino, Patsy Cline, Eddie Cochran and Jackie Wilson; list 138 had the latest from Del Shannon plus one from Buddy Holly; Little Richard made an appearance in list 139 along with Gary (US) Bonds, James Darren and a re-entry from Gene McDaniels; list 140 had new entries by Pat Boone, Johnny Burnette, Neil Sedaka and the Ventures.
Moving into December there was a new entry from Tony Orlando in list 141; from Bobby Vee and Joe Brown in 142; from Bobby Darin, Leroy Van Dyke and the Marvelettes in 143 and Duane Eddy and John D Loudermilk in list 144.
The Christmas edition in 1961 (145) saw new entries by Sandy Nelson and Joey Dee and the Starliters; list 144 saw re-entries for both 'The Twist' and 'Let's Twist Again' and list 145 had new entries by Don Gibson and Brook Benton. List 148 - the first of 1962 - saw new entries by the Everly Brothers and the Crickets.
List 149 had new entries by Elvis, Brook Benton and a future number one from Dion; List 150 had new entries by the Showmen (also a future number one), Ernie K-Doe (so a good week for New Orleans), Ray Charles and Gene Pitney. In list 151 there was a new entry by Johnny and the Hurricanes and in list 152 by Ritchie Valens and Ray Peterson.
Just one new entry in list 153, by Bill Haley and in 154 by Jimmy Jones. The twist was going strong by now and there were new twist entries by Gary (US Bonds), Clay Cole and Lord Rockingham's XI, plus records by Gene McDaniels (the first on the UK Liberty label) and Brenda Lee in list 155. Nothing new in list 156 however.
Finally in this batch there were new twist entries by Danny and the Juniors and Sam Cooke (on his way to number one) in list 157; by Bobby Rydell, Lloyd Price and Clarence Henry in 158, and by Tony Orlando, Mark Dinning and the Shirelles in 159. List 160 saw the arrival of Lee Dorsey's 'Do Re Mi' and one by Bobby Vee.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Personal top ten - March to September 1961

1961 is generally considered a low point in popular music. The adrenaline rush of rock and roll was just a memory and a clutch of 'Bobbies' dominated the US charts. The soul and blues revolutions, along with the girl group boom and the rise of British groups, were still a long way off. Despite that, there were some excellent records being made and there were some early signs of soul and the emergence into the mainstream (in the US at any rate) of New Orleans R and B.This, the third batch of records that made up my 'hot ten' at the time, includes some classics tracks - plus a few I would rather forget.
The last day of March, list number 81, saw new entries by Johnny Burnette and the Marcels and the first sign of Stax in the form of Carla Thomas's 'Gee Whiz'. List 82 had new entries by Bobby Vee, Sam Cooke, Floyd Cramer and Bob Luman. Number 83 has an instrumental entry by the Hollywood Vines and more proto soul from Maxine Brown, while number 84 includes new entries by the Temperance Seven, Acker Bilk and Johnny Dankworth (not my finest hour).
List 85 includes new entries by Duane Eddy and re-entries by the Marcels, Marv Johnson and Fats Domino. There were more re-entries in list 86 by Gene Pitney and Fats Domino and a new one by the Drifters; list 87 has new entries by Johnny Cash and Adam Faith. List 88 sees the arrival of New Orleans R and B with Ernie K-Doe (a future number one) and Clarence 'Frogman' Henry plus one by Brenda Lee.
There was an important new entry in list 89 by Del Shannon, the first of many, plus a re-entry by Fats Domino. List 90 had an entry by Dick Charlesworth (huh?); list 91 new entries by Bobby Vee (a B side), a Billy Fury cover and Linda Scott; list 92 had new ones by Neil Sedaka, Jerry Lee Lewis (his first appearance), the Ventures and another smash by Roy Orbison.
There was a bit of a lull with just a Billy Fury re-entry in list 93 and a new entry by Lonnie Donegan in 94. Ricky Nelson's 'Travellin' Man arrived in list 95 (its flip side followed soon after), as did a one point entry by Danny Kaye and Louis Armstrong (again, huh?), while list 96 saw new entries by Elvis, Bobby Rydell, Chubby Checker and Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs.
In list 97 Ricky Nelson's 'Hello Mary Lou' entered on its way to number one and there was one by the String a Longs. List 98 had new entries by Della Reese and Johnny Preston; list 99 new ones by Garry Mills, Johnny Horton and Gene Vincent; list 100 had a classic new entry from Freddie Cannon. 'Summertime' by the Marcels was a 'pick'.
List 101 had new entries by Elvis, Eddie Cochran and two sides of an Everly Brothers 45. There were no new entries in 102 and Donnie Brooks and Johnny Cash had new entries in 103. List 104 had new entries by the Temperance Seven and Connie Francis. There was also one - 'Foolin' Around'  - which I attributed to the Miracles, but they didn't have a release of that name. It's likely that I got the wrong name for their second UK 45 Ain't It Baby, unless anyone can suggest otherwise.
Buddy Holly and Fats Domino had new entries in list 105 with 'Baby I Don't Care' going to number one. There were new entries for Johnny and the Hurricanes, Bobby Darin and Jimmy Jones in 106; for Sam Cooke with 'Cupid' and the B side of Johnny and the Hurricanes in 107, while in list 108 there was just one new entry - by Nino and the Ebbtides.
List 109 had new entries by Jackie Wilson and Brenda Lee; number 110 new entries by Clarence Henry, Ray Peterson and the Drifters'; list 111 saw the new Johnny Burnette single go straight to number one plus both sides of a Bobby Vee 45 and one by Adam Faith. In list 112 there were new entries by Gary (US) Bonds and Ernie K-Doe.
Don Gibson had a new entry in list 113 and the Drifters had a re-entry; in 114 there were new entries for Billy Fury and the String a Longs; list 115 had entries by the Belmonts, Bobby Rydell and Chubby Checker (several months before 'Let's Twist Again' really took off); and list 116 had appearances by Gene McDaniels and Marv Johnson.
The final batch in this set sees new entries by Gene Vincent, Freddie Cannon, Curtis Lee and Linda Scott in list 117. In list 118 there were new entries by Del Shannon, Ann Margret, Lonnie Donegan and Elvis. List 119 saw the entry of one of the year's biggest point scorers with Roy Orbison's 'Cryin''. Finally, list 120 had new entries by Ral Donner, Chris Kenner (a future number one), Johnny Tillotson, Duane Eddy and Connie Francis. Which takes us into September, 1961. More soon.