Friday, February 27, 2009

Farewell to Snooks and Antoinette

They're burying Snooks Eaglin in New Orleans today. And there will be a farewell to Antoinette K-Doe at the Mother in Law Lounge this weekend. Sad to see two NO icons go at the same time. I'm sure many tears will be shed and a few Hurricanes consumed.
A big send off is planned for Snooks at the Howlin' Wolf club, with Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint and Deacon John scheduled to perform, while a 'visitation' is planned for Antoinette at the lounge, followed by a funeral service and a procession to St. Louis Cemetery No. 2, where Ernie K-Doe is buried. A repast follows at the Mid-City Lanes Rock 'n Bowl, where of course Snooks regularly performed.
There's a great tribute to Snooks on the excellent and the blog also confirms that Antoinette appeared as one of the Baby Dolls at last year's Ponderosa Stomp and has a picture to prove it. There are reports and photos of both funerals on and even more photos here
Farewell Snooks and Baby Doll - rest in peace.


At 10:14 pm , Blogger Nick said...

From our New Orleans Woodie friends:

Just a note to you and the Woodies.

The Wake for Antoinette K-Doe today, February 27, 2009
at the Mother In Law Lounge from 2 PM - 7 PM was really

The outpouring of her friends, family, and the community
was enormous. A line around the block to get into the
side door of the lounge - - to walk past her in her casket - -
went on all day long at a steady stream. There must have
been thousands who passed by her remains throughout the day.

It was a beautiful day in New Orleans and everybody was
sad but were visiting with each other and remembering all
the "good" Antoinette K-Doe contributed to the musicians,
the community, and to Ernie K-Doe.

We spoke with various folks who knew Ernie before
Antoinette, and they all attested to the fact that she
single-handedly revived his career. She got him back
on tract, spearheaded the Mother In Law Lounge so he would
have a place to entertain, and basically put Ernie back
on the map.

Antoinette looked so tiny in the casket. We all always
thought of her as bigger than life. She was dressed in
a white floor-length ballgown with sequins and a sparkling
diamond-like tiara, just like she would have worn to a
Mardi Gras Ball had she been here with us in real life.

There were beautiful flower arrangements inside and out.

The crowd that mingled in her manicured yard next to the
lounge was filled with folks from all walks of life.

Flowers were blooming everywhere - she had a green thumb -
and the weather was perfection for an outdoor special
event, especially this one. Food was served and people
all felt like Armand and I did - - that it still seems so
unreal still.

Tomorrow, Saturday, are the services, the jazz funeral,
the music and food at Rock n Bowl, and then more visiting
back at the Mother In Law. Woodie Armand will sing
Antoinette's favorite Ernie hit (if all goes as planned)
titled: Tain't It The Truth.

Hope our Woodie friends are having a good weekend.
We'll keep you posted.

Patty and Armand


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