Monday, April 29, 2013

US road trip: Montgomery to Biloxi

After the excitement of Gip's Place we've had a quieter couple of days travelling through Alabama and arriving in Biloxi on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the night. We drove down from Bessemer on quiet back roads, looking in thrift shops and flea markets for records from time to time. I struck lucky in one shop in Prattville near Montgomery where I found some rare UK singles among the US ones, including two by the Crests.
Montgomery on a Sunday is a quiet place but after lunch in the Railroad bar we went round the Hank Williams museum where I bought an original Marvin Rainwater LP. From there we went to his very grand grave to pay our respects to Hank. We checked in to the Days Inn in Prattville and after a meal found the Pratt Pub where we had several drinks. John has been carrying around a large box of wine which has kept him happy so far. We passed the time quizzing each other on European and African countries and God knows what else besides until tiredness and booze got the better of us.
Next morning we visited the Civil Rights Centre and Memorial in Montgomery which I found very moving in an under stated way. Since then we have driven down to the Gulf Coast where we are at last feeling the warmth of the sun. We've checked into a Super 8 motel and have been sitting by the pool. Tonight we will see what Biloxi has to offer on a Monday night - not much I suspect - and then it's off to New Orleans in the morning.


At 11:24 am , Anonymous Nick said...

Wilson Pickett was born on March 18th 1941 in Prattville, Alabama.

At 11:27 am , Anonymous Nick said...

Wilson Pickett was born in Prattville on 18th March 1941.


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