Thursday, May 02, 2019

Viva Las Vegas photos Part 1

I will be putting some photos of my recent US road trip up over the next few days. Here are some from the first two days of Viva Las Vegas.
Here is one of Kim Lenz.
This is a band called Seatbelt.
Here is Ruby Ann.
Big Sandy introduced many of the acts and had a set of his own as well.
This is British band Restless.
Hong Kong based band the Boogie Playboys were good fun.
This is Wayne 'The Train' Hancock.
Here is the bass player and singer with Russian group Messer Chups.
Kicking off the 'stars of rockabilly' set was Sweden's Jan Svensson.
Here's is 50s rockabilly artist Billy Harlan.
Ray Campi, another veteran rockabilly artist.
And another - Don Woody.
This was the farewell performance for Sugar Ray Ford with his band Big Six.
Here is the lead singer of the Hi-Tones.


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