Friday, November 01, 2019

Detroit A Go Go photos - 3

Here's a final group of photos from my Detroit trip, covering the final Detroit A Go Go show and an after show meet up of some of the artists.
One of the highlights of the final show, here is J J Barnes.
This is Willie Kendrick.
Here's Ronnie Savoy.
This is Pat Lewis.
Here's Al Kent, who received a lifetime achievement award.
These are the Reflections.
Here are the Fantastic Four.
Here is Tony Michaels, lead singer of the Reflections, who also did a solo spot.
Finishing the show were backing group the Ladeez..
Here are a couple of photos from the finale, when all the artists came on stage.
Here's one of me with Rose Battiste.
Detroit resident Michael Hurtt was at some of the shows and, of course, Noah Shaffer was there.
The Marvelettes were among several artists who were at the Hotel St Regis for an after show meet up.
This is Frank Bryant of soul duo the Just Brothers.
Finally, here are soul brothers Ronnie Savoy and Al Kent.


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