Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bits and pieces

Some good news about Bo Diddley. Seems he's now out of intensive care and is unaffected by the stroke he suffered apart from some difficulty with his speech. Apparently he was well enough to ask his manager where his guitar was - and where his money was for the gig!

More good news too, of course, about Fats Domino, who played his first show in two years - and his first since Katrina - at the House of Blues in New Orleans on Saturday. Wish I'd been there, but maybe we will get to see the great man again some time.

Southern soul fans reading this might like to take a look at an excellent article on Shirley Brown (see picture) that I came across via the SoulfulDetroit.com website. See it here http://www.soulexpress.net/shirleybrown.htm

I'm also attaching a photo of Dennis Coffey that I took at the Circle Bar in New Orleans while I was there. Brilliant guitarist.