Sunday, September 09, 2007

Only Serbs and horses

I'm playing at being a jet setter at the moment with back to back trips to Belgrade and Johannesburg. I've never been to Belgrade before and found the girls attractive but the men rather surly looking. There are a few interesting buildings there, despite the fact that it was bombed by NATO only eight years ago, the most interesting being the Fortress overlooking the Danube. A colleague and I had a very greasy Serbian meal in the old town, serenaded by a four piece band playing lugubrious Serbian songs, and then hit the bars. The best of these, incongruously, was called Only Fools and Horses, and featured photos of Delboy, Rodney, Uncle Albert and the rest. Photo shows me with pix of Delboy and co.
Now, in my jetset week, I'm in Jo'burg, where the weather is pleasantly warm and life - for jet setters like me - is extremely comfortable. No decent music to report on, but I will soon be back to good old London, where chances are a bit higher of finding some good stuff.


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