Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Some Stompin' photos

Some more photos from the trip: from top: Al Green (and roses) at Jazzfest; me and two Aussie DJs at Irma's show; Archie Bell (Tighten Up) at Jazzfest; Michael Hurtt (singer with The Haunted Hearts and Dr John at the Stomp) and Dennis Binder outside the Hi Ho Lounge; Sonny Landreth at Lafayette.. More photos to come, plus I will be uploading some video clips I took.


At 8:50 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there both nights for this extraordinary event! It's a thrill to see your photos, especially of Lloyd and Darrin, the DJs. I met them at a bus stop, they told me about the Stomp and the rest is history except I failed to get their contact info. Thank you so much for the video of Ronnie Spector. I was at her feet, literally and won't soon forget the experience.


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