Monday, September 01, 2008

Lovin' Machine

As I scour my local car boot sales looking for collectable vinyl I rarely buy 78s. They are too heavy and far too fragile, plus really good ones are hard to find. So I focus on fifties and sixties 45s and LPs, of which I have many thousands now. But now and again a pile of rock and roll 78s catches my eye and I buy a few. One such that I picked up for 50p last weekend (along with a great Fats Domino 78 that I didn't previously own) was such a great record that it's worth mentioning on the blog. It's Wynonie Harris singing Lovin' Machine, released on the Vogue label in 1952, with Luscious Woman on the b-side. How many would have been sold at the time? And how many survive now I wonder? Listen to the tune of this Youtube clip and you'll see why I'm raving about it. A great track and one of the first genuine rock and roll tracks .
Incidentally my most collectable 78 is also on the Vogue label. It's Muddy Waters singing Walking Blues, with Rollin' Stone Blues on the flipside - the record that inspired Mick Jagger and his mates back in the sixties.
As I write this blog it looks like New Orleans has been spared the worst of Hurricane Gustav. But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.


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I always considered "Shake, Rattle, and Roll" by Big Joe Turner in 1954 as the "first" rock and roll song. But your post shows me I've got more research to do.

Great tune, great post! Thanks



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