Monday, December 22, 2008

Vinyl finds

2008 hasn't been a vintage year for collecting vinyl - it gets harder and harder (although not impossible) to find really good stuff at knock down prices. But it's had its moments. I still pick up most of my vinyl at car boots and charity shops, although increasingly I'm looking to record shops and eBay for the rarer records. I haven't featured any vinyl for a while, so here are three LPs that I found at a car boot sale at the weekend.
Fontella Bass is of course best known for Rescue Me and this is the only one of her singles featured on The New Look, her only UK issued Chess LP from 1965, which included a number of songs made famous by other female soul singers, including Oh No Not My Baby (Maxine Brown), Gee Whiz (Carla Thomas) and I Know (Barbara George).
Brixton Cat, released on Trojan in 1970, is a Prince Buster style late ska album featuring Joe Mansano's All Stars, with two tracks, including the title track, by Dice the Boss. The real star is Reco Rodriguez, whose superb trombone really stands out.
Wilmer and Dukes were a very popular soul band in New York State in the late 60s and this, their only album on the Aphrodisiac label is pretty good stuff. Singer Wilmer was black whilst the rest of the band was white and their biggest hit, Give me One More Chance, was their only UK release - on Action.


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