Friday, August 21, 2009


One of the most valuable rock and roll records, according to the Rare Record Guide, is Bop-a-lena by Ronnie Self. It's a wild, raw, raucous piece of rockabilly and it's hardly surprising that it's highly collectable. But what makes it unusual is that it was a 78, issued on the Philips label, and was never put out at the time as a 45. Mint copies go for £250 according to the guide.
I came across the record today in a charity shop - also on Philips - but the copy I found is a 45 and was issued in Greece. It was hidden among a pile of old ethnic Greek singles and is in excellent condition. Bop-a-lena is a great piece of rock and roll, and equally exciting is the B side Ain't I'm a Dog, which was apparently Ronnie's previous single on the US Columbia label but issued here, and in Greece, as the B side of the follow up Bop-a-lena. How much is this record worth I wonder? Difficult to tell, since foreign issues are not listed in the guide, but I would be interested to know what rockabilly enthusiasts think. It's certainly a rarity - and a very exciting record.
Here's Ronnie's details as detailed on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website


At 10:43 am , Blogger Tales said...

I admire your patience in looking through piles of tat in hope of finding a rare gem. I guess finding records like this once in a while is what makes it worth doing.

At 8:57 pm , Blogger norton said...

hi nick, -i own a german pressing on black philips minigroove label from the 50´s. its a 45 -not a 78! -and its original!


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