Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More photos from the archives

I've trawled through my photo albums again and picked out some pictures from gigs and festivals of the last few years. First, here's the wonderful Kim Weston pictured at the Jazz Cafe in 2006. Also at the Jazz Cafe, this is Mavis Staples, photographed in 2005.
Pictured signing a photograph for me, this is blues singer Clara McDaniel, who appeared memorably at the soul/blues show at Blackheath in 1997.
Here is the great James Carr with Johnny Rawls at Blackheath.
The next group of photos were taken at the Blues Estafette in Utrecht in 1995. This marked the return after many years of Cookie and the Cupcakes and pictured is group leader Cookie Thierry.
Another of the many stars of this fantastic show was soul man Tyrone Davis.
One of the lesser known acts was Miss Lavelle White, who had a 1965 UK release on Vocalion with Everybody's got Somebody.
Three performers were billed as the Excello Legends. Here's Earl Gaines.
This is Clifford Curry, whose best known UK release was She Shot a Hole In My Shoe on Action.
Finally here's Roscoe Shelton, whose Strain On My Heart, released in the UK on the Sue label is an absolute classic.


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