Friday, December 11, 2009

Death list 2009

It's that time of year when we look back at the list of those who have passed away during the year. Here are some of the more notable deaths in music and entertainment during 2009:
Barry Beckett, Molly Bee, Estelle Bennett (pictured with the Ronettes), Eddie Bo, Jimmy Boyd, Piney Brown, Sam Butera, Sam Carr, David Carradine, Johnny Carter, Liam Clancy, Hank Crawford, Blossom Dearie, Dave Dee, Willy DeVille, Jim Dickinson, Luther Dixon, Snooks Eaglin, Farrah Fawcett, Clinton Ford, Ellie Greenwich, Edmund Hockridge, Lux Interior, Michael Jackson, Maurice Jarre, Johnny Jones, Uriel Jones, Bob Keane, Antoinette K-Doe, Allen Klein, Marie Knight, Danny LaRue, Hank Lochlin, Karl Malden, Al Martino, John Martyn, Ricardo Montelban, David 'Fathead' Newman, Les Paul, Fayette Pinkney (pictured), Steve Race, Wendy Richard, Billy Lee Riley, Soupy Sales, Sky Saxon, Don Seals, Mike Seeger, Aaron Schroeder, Shelby Singleton, Gale Storm, Patrick Swayze, Koko Taylor, Richard Todd, Ray Topping, Mary Travers, Gordon Waller, Viola Wills, Edward Woodward. Obituaries of two of the above - Aaron Schroeder and Luther Dixon - appeared in The Times on December 15:
Apologies to anyone I've missed and let's hope there aren't too many of the greats going over the winter.


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