Thursday, May 13, 2010

Final photos from the US trip

As the memories of the US trip begin to fade, here is a final batch of photos.
This is the La Louisiane recording studio in Lafayette, where many cajun and swamp pop artists have recorded, which the Woodies were invited to visit by David Rachou, son of founder Carol Rachou. Woodie Martyn Harvey inspects some of the vintage recording equipment at the studio.
Alan and I at the Boudin store in Henderson. It's the first restaurant that I've been to which has a bucket in the middle of the table. Very useful for crawfish tails - or if you've had too much to drink.
This is me in Port Allen, Louisiana, with Baton Rouge behind me. Before they built the bridge this was the main crossing point for the Mississippi.
Dave and I propping up the bar at Teddy's Juke Joint in Zachary, near Baton Rouge.
A small town country fair at Arnaudville, near Lafayette.
When Dave and I got to New Orleans we heard that the Treme brass band would be leading a procession to honour Fats Domino and that Fats would be there in person. The band was there but sadly Fats wasn't.
The old Rock 'n' Bowl was put out of business by Katrina, but a new, larger version has opened down the road.
Woodie Ralph Edwards entertained fellow Woodies at Ernie K-Doe's Mother in Law Lounge in New Orleans.
The bar has fantastic murals on all its outside walls commemorating Ernie. The main door on the left has been hit by two vehicles recently, hence the lack of a mural at that corner.
Here are the Pinettes, an all female brass band, who played at Charmaine Neville's club opening.
Here is a bust commemorating the deaths of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens in 1959. It's at the Museum of the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur.


At 3:20 am , Blogger Private Beach said...

Bog Bopper? Did he originate swamp rock?!

At 11:31 am , Anonymous Nick said...

Swamp pop (rather than rock) predated the Big Bopper, but he came from Beaumont which is a few miles away - hence the bust. I don't think you would call his music swamp music though.

At 1:25 pm , Blogger Private Beach said...

Actually I know he has nothing to do with it - just making a joke about the typo in the photo caption, Bog for Big, which has been corrected now.

Interesting blog, by the way - thanks.

At 6:50 pm , Anonymous Hornsey Howler said...

Charmaine's party looks fun! Pity I left town a day too early.


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