Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis RIP

Back in the 1950s, Tony Curtis was as famous for his hairstyle as for his acting. A 'Tony Curtis', like a DA (duck's arse), was a style that every young dude tried to copy. And pop stars from Elvis, to Frankie Avalon, to Fabian and Bobby Rydell had a similar style.
Despite this trivia, Tony Curtis was a pretty good actor. The high point was undoubtedly Some Like It Hot, but other films like Spartacus and Defiant Ones showed he was a true Hollywood superstar. In the seventies he camped it up in The Persuaders with Roger Moore, and although he got into drink and drugs and, in his later days, looked like a travesty of his earlier self, Tony Curtis was one of the greats. Now he's dead, and the list of genuine living Hollywood legends has grown even smaller. Married six times, his legacy lives on through his daughter Jamie Lee Curtis.
On the music front, a recent death was that of 50s actor and crooner Eddie Fisher, who also leaves an acting legacy in the shape of daughter Carrie Fisher. His former wives included Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Connie Stevens - an impressive list.
A word too in memory of Don Partridge, the busker who made it big briefly with Rosie.


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