Thursday, April 28, 2011

'Baby It's You' - the musical

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The Shirelles/Scepter Records story, "Baby It's You," opened officially on Broadway Wednesday (April 27). But the day before, the producers were already hit with a lawsuit filed by surviving Shirelle Beverly Lee (who owns the name), the estates of two other Shirelles and Dionne Warwick (whose character appears in the musical). The suit charges the musical with "cashing in on plaintiffs' stories and successes, while using plaintiffs' names, likenesses and biographical information without their consent and in violation of the law."
The musical itself opened to poor reviews. The New York Daily News gave it 2 out of 5 stars saying, "the songs are so blandly performed they don't make an impression" and calling it the "Lawrence Welk of jukebox musicals." ABC News called it a "muddled story with great songs," though more than one reviewer noted that the Carole King composition, "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" is not in the show. The New York Times said, "Mama said there'll be shows like this. But she didn't tell me there would be quite so many, or that any one of them could be this dismal." And the Chicago Tribune carped that it "must surely be one of the worst jukebox shows every to grace the Great White Way." Amazingly, the book is by the same men responsible for the Broadway smash, "Million Dollar Quartet."


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