Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Woodies at play

The Woodies were out in force at the Rhythm Riot at the weekend. For those who don't know, the Woodies are a group of roots music enthusiasts who gather at music gigs and have a monthly meet up where much ale and food are consumed. They take their name from Tales From The Woods, a (fairly) regular eclectic newsletter covering a wide range of music and nostalgia which was the brainchild of Keith Woods. Here's the website http://www.tftw.org.uk/
The following photos were taken at the Rhythm Riot. The first one shows the godfather of the Woodies, Keith Woods (centre), with Chelsea supporting greengrocer Bill Haynes (left) and Darren Vidler, one of the younger members. Keith has organised a number of live music gigs in and around London, including the annual tribute to the legendary 2Is coffee bar in Soho. The next show takes place at the Borderline in London on January 29 and stars Kingsize Taylor, Garry Mills, Jackie Lynton, Dave Sampson, Cliff Edmunds and The Allisons. Here we have four more Woodies, including (second from left) Ken Major. Ken has organised several Stomping USA trips over the years and was instrumental in getting Jivin' Gene to play at this year's Rhythm Riot. Others are (left to right) Ralph Edwards from Shrewsbury, who has entertained fellow Woodies on his guitar on occasions, Brian 'Bunter' Clarke, drummer with the Tales From The Woods House Band, and John Spencely, ace guitarist with the same group, which often backs up artists at Woodies gigs.

Next we have three long time Woodies: Martyn Harvey, from Hastings; Gordon Fleming, from Kent; and Aussie Alan Lloyd, the Woodies resident IT expert.

On this table (at the Green Owl pub in Camber Sands) we have Ian Sadler (front right) and his American friend Chris, with photographer Paul Harris behind them (left) and Juke Blues's Dickie Tapp (right).

Woodies is now international and there were two New Orleans-based American friends at Rhythm Riot: Jay McCaddin (looking very smart in his naval uniform) and his partner Paula.

The Woodies wouldn't be complete without a couple of genuine Teds, who like to dress up accordingly at rock and roll gigs. Here they are: Lee Wilkinson (left) and Tony Papard.

A regular contributor to Tales From The Woods is John Jolliffe, who writes articles on soul music under the pen name of Soulboy. Here he is in typical pose!

Finally, here are three other Woodie reprobates in the historic town of Rye - left to right, Dave Carroll (Arsenal fan and jazz contributor to Tales From the Woods), Brian Jessup (Sutton United fan) and me, Nick Cobban.


At 2:07 pm , Anonymous Tony Watson said...

It was one of the best Riots, much better than I'd anticipated.
I'd just like to add a couple of names to one of the pics of the Woodies (the 4th one down). Next to Paul Harris is Tony Watson (me), then John Gaskins. Opposite John are Mike Stephenson and Sam McKerchar (slurping his soup).

At 12:04 pm , Blogger Jay McCaddin said...

It was great seeing you again. Paula and I had a ball and wish we could have stayed longer.
I realy like your web site and pictures. Wish i had copies so I could remember all the Woodies easier.
Keep up the good work.


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