Tuesday, June 26, 2012

R & B at The Marquee

A few weeks ago I went to a talk on the early days of British R and B at the British Library. These early attempts at R and B were very influential on the direction of music in the UK and worldwide, even though these UK efforts weren't a patch on the US originals.
By coincidence, I picked up a collectable LP at the car boot sale on Sunday - R and B From The Marquee, with Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated playing at the famous Soho club in 1962. Cyril Davies and Long John Baldry do the vocals and the record was produced by Jack Good. It's valued at £120 in mint condition and this copy is pretty close to that. Not bad for a quid, and the reason why scouring car boots and charity shops is so addictive. Also picked up a couple of rockabilly LPs (Ronnie Dawson and a compilation of Imperial sides), a US LP by Santo and Johnny (In The Still Of The Night) plus a few others that went straight onto Ebay. So, despite the poor weather, a good morning's work.


At 8:43 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great find there Nick. Had a look on Popsike which is a good barometer at what things actually sell for and most copies fetch over £100; some even getting over £200.
John S


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