Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today's car boot 45s

I picked up quite a few 45s at the car boot this morning, several of which are well worth a listen.
1. The Quotations - Imagination/ Ala-men-sy. HMV 975. Mint value £100.
This is a wonderful double sided doowop record by a group from New York - the A side a great interpretation of an old standard and the B side a nonsense song, recorded for Verve, better known for its jazz records than doowop. This particular disc was manufactured in India and although the HMV number is the same, in the UK it came out on the blue HMV/Verve label. Classic two sider.
2. The England Sisters - Heartbeat/ Little Child. HMV 710. Mint value £50.
This John Barry produced version of the Buddy Holly song is a bit poppy with typical John Barry strings ( a la Adam Faith), but pleasant enough. The England Sisters, from Goole, also recorded as the Dale Sisters.
3. Titus Turner - Taking Care Of Business/ We Told You Not To Marry. London 9024. Mint value £25.
I featured the official A side (We Told You Not To Marry - an answer song to Lloyd Price's I'm Gonna Get Married) some time ago but as it was on a one sided demo I didn't know the B side which, I reckon, is even better. Turner was an R and B singer with a great voice and also a noted songwriter. He died in 1984.
4. Johnny Tillotson - Why Do I Love You So/ Never Let Me Go. London 9048. Mint value £25.
Best known, of course, for Poetry In Motion, this 45 predates his smash hit and was his second UK release. In his later career Johnny became primarily a country singer, but at this stage he was definitely a teen idol in the Dion/Ricky Nelson mould and I reckon this double sider is an excellent example of the genre. Give it a listen.
5. Joe (Mr G) August - Tell Me/ Everything Happens at Night. Instant 3239.
Instant is one of my favourite New Orleans labels so I pick up 45s when I can and got this one from a record shop the other day. Known as Mr Goggle Eyes, Joe was a New Orleans R and B singer in the Roy Brown style who played an important role in the city's music, first recordng in 1946 at the age of 15. After being shot by a white woman he was dating (he had already suffered police harassment for this which, it seems, had put him off), Mr G retired from music, although I remember him performing at Jazzfest shortly before his death in 1992. This is an excellent double sider, the B side being an Allen Toussaint production apparently.


At 8:21 pm , Anonymous John S said...

Great finds Nick; the Quotations 45 is a absolute classic. Glad you picked up the Titus Turner - the flipside is certainly the best of the two and rocks like mad. See you Friday night for a pint.

At 5:15 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quotations was one I ignored in the 60s - having just heard it for the first time since, what a mistake!
Always liked Mr Google Eye (Oh Ho Doodle Oo anybody?) - don't know his later stuff.
Nice finds.
Gordon F


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