Saturday, December 28, 2013

Soul from the Patterson Singers

I don't know much about the Patterson Singers, but their eponymous LP, released on Atco in 1972, is a cracker. I picked up a copy in a charity shop yesterday and I'm amazed that I haven't come across this soul classic before. It seems that they were a gospel group who had some records released in the
late sixties under the name of the Robert Patterson Singers but that this was pretty well their only secular recording. Produced by Wade Marcus, it was recorded at Criteria in Miami, Muscle Shoals and A&R Studios in New York, but there's no other info on the sleeve. A couple of tracks from the LP - Working Together, written by Ike Turner, and That's Understanding, were released on a 45, but all 11 tracks are excellent examples of deep soul. They include compositions by George Soule (My World Tumbles Down and Love Is Color Blind), Joe Hinton (How Can You Say That Ain't Love), Eddie Holland and Norman Whitfield (Throw A Farewell Kiss) Don Covay (A Letter Full Of Tears) and Mac Rebbennack and Jessie Hill (Your Love Is Something Else Again). All are excellent but many of them aren't on Youtube. Here is one that I've put on - track one, side one, My World Tumbles Down. 
As the year nears its end music deaths continue. One who I missed at the beginning of December was that of Rex Garvin, best known for his 1966 Northern soul/funk song Sock It To 'Em J.B, which is a tribute both to James Brown and James Bond. Rex had a couple of releases on Atlantic in the UK with his band the Mighty Cravers (the other being I Gotta Go Now (Up On The Floor), which were recorded originally for Link. His story began several years earlier when he teamed up with Zelma Sanders and helped formed doowop group the Hearts. Later he wrote Over The Mountain, Across The Sea for Johnnie and Joe, recorded a duet with Marie Adams (I Can't Sit Down), and had several successful records under his own name, including My Darling Dear and Emulsified.


At 9:47 am , Blogger john marriott said...

This is a memorable posting Nick.
Didn't know about Rex Garvin passing - thats sad. I've always collected his work since hearing Sock it to me JB and have just played I've gotta go now on the Right track show without knowing he'd left us. Always garnered a hope that he might turn up on a Ponderosa Stomp one of these days but now not to be.
The other is the Patterson Singers LP which as you rightly said is fantastic and one I've lived with since near its issue. Reason is it was one of the many LPs that turned up in multiple copies at the Radio Shack shops for 50p in the mid 70's. Along with other slightly label related things like RB Greaves, Willie Hutch RCA album, Exciters, Swamp Dogg, Modulations etc. Everybody spent ages trwaling the many branches up here at the time to get em all.
All the best for the new year and keep up the great blog.


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