Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Viva Las Vegas - days 1 and 2

I'm back from my US trip at last, so here is the first batch of photos. All of these were taken during the first two days of the marvellous Viva Las Vegas rockabilly festival.
Here, from day one, are the Hi-Tones.
This is Lil Mo, who performed with the Unholy Four.
These are the Stardust Ramblers.
Here are the Go-Getters.
From day two, here are some of dynamic performer Bobby Brooks Wilson.
He was joined on stage by former lead singer of the Platters during their sixties soul years, Sonny Turner.
This is the Johnny Cash styled Johnny Deadly Trio.
Buzz and the Flyers.
This is Aileen Quinn and the Leaping Lizards.
Here is Jai Malano, formerly of the Royal Rhythmaires.
Here are the Chop Tops, with special guest Mario Valens, brother of Ritchie Valens.
Finally, in this batch of photos, here is Nico Duportal.


At 10:12 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might want to check your resources there...Mario Valens would be Ritchie's brother, not son.

At 10:24 pm , Blogger Nick said...

Of course he is. My mistake!


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