Monday, September 21, 2015

Farewell to Lady Bo

The Vinyl Word says farewell to guitarist Peggy Jones, aka Lady Bo, a star of past Ponderosa Stomps, who has died aged 75. A true female rock and roll pioneer, she played with Bo Diddley for several years to 1961 and can be heard on classics such as Hey Bo Diddley and Road Runner. When she left she formed her own group The Jewels and also played guitar on Les Cooper's Wiggle Wobble hit. She rejoined Bo in 1970 together with her band.
Here she is at the Ponderosa Stomp in 2005.
And this is Lady Bo at the 2011 Stomp.


At 8:27 pm , Blogger Nick said...

Tony Rounce commented (on Facebook): Although I believe she vastly overplayed her role in the evolution of Bo's overall sound, she was an integral part of it during his peak years and for that she deserves to be respected and remembered forever...


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