Wednesday, July 27, 2016

More photos from Porretta

Here are some more photos from this year's Porretta Soul Festival, including several taken at the launch of Bobby Rush's new CD Porcupine Meat at the Helvetia Hotel on Sunday. Bobby was with producer Scott Billington and played several tracks, which sounded well worth a listen, including a timely song about the unfairness of the US justice system when dealing with African Americans. Bobby described himself as 'a blues man with a funky beat' and explained that porcupine meat is 'too fat to eat and too lean to throw away.' Asked what he would really like, he said he wanted a Grammy. Amen to that!
Here's one of Bobby with Scott.
Nearly all the artists attended the launch. Here they are on the steps of the hotel.
Here's one of Stan Mosley and George McCrae.
Here's one of John Ellison of the Soul Brothers Six.
On the Friday I managed to get a photo with Fred Wesley.
Here's one with Falisa JaNaye taken the same evening.
Back to Sunday's event, here is American music fan and occasional guest writer Noah Schaffer with Scott Billington.
Here are a few of me (Nick Cobban) with some of the artists. Firstly, Bobby Rush.
With Vasti Jackson.
With George McCrae.
With Toni Green.
With Frank Bey.
With Stan Mosley.
With Bobby Rush's dancer, Mizz Lowe.
Finally, here are some of the excellent Anthony Paule Band, with firstly, Anthony himself.
This is saxophone player Nancy Wright.
Lastly, this is Sue McCracklin, daughter of Jimmy McCracklin, who is a member of backing group Sweet Nectar.


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