Friday, November 04, 2016

Kay Starr and John Zacherle depart

There are a couple more music deaths to celebrate this week, but for once they have lived to a grand old age.

Kay Starr, who has died aged 94, is best known for Wheel of Fortune and Rock and Roll Waltz (a number one UK hit in 1955), but had dozens more successful records, including Come On a My House, Come A-long A-love (also a UK number one, in 1952), Side By Side, Changing Partners and If You Love Me. She first recorded with Glenn Miller but after signing for Capitol in 1947 she enjoyed a string of pop and jazz hits during the 1950s before rock and roll came along and made her style seem outdated. She signed with RCA Victor and enjoyed her biggest hit with Rock and Roll Waltz, which
summed up the changing times as no other song has done. Following her decline in popularity she turned to country music and continued to tour in the sixties.
Another old timer to depart is John Zacherle, at 98, who made a
career out of horror. He was a TV and radio horror host and had a hit in 1958 with the novelty horror record Dinner With Drac. Nicknamed 'The Cool Ghoul' by Dick Clark, he played the part of Roland, who dressed as an undertaker and lived in a crypt in the US TV series Shock Theater.


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