Monday, April 24, 2017

Viva Las Vegas photos

Finally, to round off our US road trip, here is a selection of photos from Viva Las Vegas.
This is Texas Steve, the first act we caught. Fairly average, I would give him 4/10.
Playing with him was T J Mayes who improved things. 6/10
This is the Rip 'Em Ups, a band from LA. Created excitement, 8/10.
Next up, here are the Planet Rockers from Nashville. Pretty good. 7/10
This is the UK's very own Graham Fenton, formerly of Matchbox. Only 4/10.
And here we have rockabilly singer Kim Lenz. A little disappointing, 6/10
This is Lance Lipinski, showing he can play guitar as well as Jerry Lee Lewis style piano. 8/10.
Kicking off the Stars of Rockabilly segment, this is Jack Baymoore. OK 5/10.
Sun recording artists Alton (Lott) and Jimmy (Harrell). Worth a listen - 7/10.
Another Sun artist, this is Sonny Burgess. Still on form - 8/10
Larry Collins, once of the Collins Kids, alongside Deke Dickerson. Excellent guitarist- 9/10.
Another UK act, here's Si Cranstoun. Reliable: 8/10.
Playing sax alongside Si was Alex Bland, a regular with the Tales From The Woods band.
Appearing at the Car Show, this is James Intveld. Average - 6/10.
Formerly of the Stray Cats, this is Lee Rocker. Quite enjoyable - 7/10.
Headlining at the Car Show was Little Miss Dynamite, Brenda Lee. A legend but disappointing - 5/10.
This is the Rev Horton Heat. Predictable - 4/10.
Here's the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson. Very good - 9/10.
This is Freddie 'Boom Boom' Cannon. Exciting stuff - 8/10.
Freddie was backed by Los Straitjackets.
Here is Australian Pat Capocci.
Veteran mandolin player Scotty Broyles.
Putting on a sparkling show, this is Vicky Tafoya. Excellent - 10/10.
Michael Hurtt and the Haunted Hearts. OK - 7/10.
This is Gene Summers. Not bad but a tad disappointing- 6/10.
In the doowop segment, this is Otis Williams (and the Charms). Great to see them - 8/10.
A regular visitor to the UK, here's Charlie Gracie. Reliable as ever - 7/10.
These are the Cleftones. Enjoyable - 8/10.
From the UK, these are the Extraordinaires. Energetic stuff - 8/10.
Finally, appearing at the Champagnes bar, here's Walter Waiters with me.


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