Saturday, May 05, 2018

Viva Las Vegas photos - Part 2

Here's another batch of photos from Viva Las Vegas, beginning with Essex's own Jackson Sloan, who will be appearing alongside Sister Cookie at a Tales From The Woods Show at the 100 Club on May 13.
Best act on day one was the Italian doowop group Freddy Velas and the Silvertones.
Making a good impression was Brazilian model and rockabilly singer Cherry Rat.
Here are swing band Moonstone.
These are the B Stars, who appeared on day two.
Rhythm Bomb Records artists the Starjays made a big impression.
This is guitarist Chris Casello, who has played with Jack Scott, among others.
Tammi Savoy did a couple of impressive numbers with Chris and also had her own set.
A local band who are very popular are the Delta Bombers, but they didn't do much for me.
Doing a set comprising mostly covers, here is Robert Gordon.
Performing a set of country styled numbers, here is Michael Hurtt.
Always fun to watch, here are doowop group Little Mo and the Dynaflos.
Appearing both as an excellent MC and performer, here is Big Sandy.
Also seemingly omnipresent, with his Guitar Geek show and hillbilly fest, here is Deke Dickerson.
One of several artists taking part in the Wild Records showcase, here is Gizzelle.
Spanish band the Kabooms went down well with my colleagues.
Rip Masters has backed many Rollin' Rock artists over the years, including, below, Ray Campi.


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