Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thinking about New Orleans

It's another year so naturally my thoughts turn to New Orleans and whether I can afford the time (and money) for a Jazzfest trip this year. There's not much information about the line up yet, apart from Jerry Lee apparently performing. But we do know that the Ponderosa Stomp will be back in New Orleans, but only for one day it seems - May 2 at the House of Blues. Artists announced so far include Dan Penn, Dale Hawkins, Augie Meyer, Barbara Lynn, Roy Head, Lazy Lester and Al 'Carnival Time' Johnson. Here's all that's available so far
January 27 is another big night at the House of Blues with a tribute to Fats Domino, including appearances by Dr John and Allen Toussaint among others. Fats will also be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from Offbeat magazine. And Cosimo Matassa is due to receive a long overdue Grammy next month for his incredible contribution to rock and roll and New Orleans R and B. On a sadder note I read that Joel Neville, wife of Aaron for 47 years, has died of cancer.
Watching the movie Runaway Jury, a thriller set in pre-Katrina New Orleans, last night made me nostalgic for the great city I knew. Not sure what to expect if I do go this year, but I hope I can make it.


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