Thursday, December 14, 2006

Great balls of crap

Of all the many cover versions of Great Balls of Fire, probably the most anaemic was by Georgia Gibbs, who has died at the age of 87. But that wasn't the only R and B classic that she massacred. Among the other abominations that Miss Gibbs recorded were versions of LaVern Baker's Tweedle Dee and Jim Dandy, and Dance with me Henry, an emasculated version of Etta James's Roll with me Henry. Georgia Gibbs was already reaching the end of her career when rock and roll came along, and no doubt in the bland 40s and early 50s she was as proficient as most other female singers of her ilk, but I remember her as someone who did her best to take every bit of excitement out of everything she touched. For more information about 'her nibs, Miss Gibbs' see today's obituary in The Independent


At 5:25 pm , Blogger DaveC said...

Whilst I have never heard of Georgia Gibbs, I was much impressed by Lavern Baker's reaction to her covering her songs. I didn't realise that she such an acid sense of humour. When she appeared at Porretta (quite a few years ago,), she had lost her legs due to diabetes but her spirit and warmth to everyone was truly remarkable. Tonight I will raise a glass to Lavern.


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