Monday, August 30, 2010

Back on Ebay

After many months of inactivity I'm back on Ebay and have started advertising again. I've put 15 LPs on and will put some more records on over the coming weeks. In the past I've sold several hundred singles and LPs and had quite a bit of success. They were mostly records that didn't quite fit into my collection, but in future I may try and sell some records that fit in rather more. The latest batch includes LPs by Rick Nelson (pictured), Del Shannon, Bobby Darin (all doubles), the Beatles (always good sellers) and Inex and Charlie Foxx. For anyone who is interested my Ebay name is soulboy1946.

I try to be honest with descriptions and always illustrate the record with a photo, but uploading photos is a rather slow business. One of my biggest sellers in the past was a demo of Edwin Starr's 'Stop Her On Sight' on Polydor, which I first obtained when I was reviewing records for the Croydon Advertiser back in the 60s, but mostly they were records that I picked up at car boot sales which I didn't want to keep. Hopefully my Ebay sales will supplement my income now that I am retired and not earning anything.


At 2:46 am , Blogger Private Beach said...

Good luck with your sell-off. I've successfully sold over 100 CDs on Ebay, but have barely started on my unwanted LPs. The problem is that living in Hong Kong, most of my potential buyers are overseas and the postage is expensive.

With so many remasters around these days, if you're buying CDs on eBay you have to be careful which version you're picking up. However, a couple of days after the latest Beatles remasters came out, my brother went down to his local Oxfam shop and picked up the previous editions for a pound each.


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