Friday, April 29, 2016

More photos from our US road trip

Here is a final batch of photos from the US road trip.
On our first full day in the States the UK group had lunch in Long Island with music writer John Broven, who has just published the revised edition of his ground breaking 1974 book Rhythm and Blues In New Orleans. It happened to coincide with my birthday. It was a significant one as well. John is standing back left. Also in the picture are John Howard, Nick Cobban, Dickie Tapp, Mick Wakeling, Sally Tapp, Gordon Fleming, Brenda Gunn.
After the Long Island doowop weekend we spent a day in Manhattan. Here's one of me at the 9/11 memorial. It brought back memories of the day in 1999 when I saw Alex Chilton and the Box Tops perform a free show in the shadow of the old towers.
On a day off from the Viva Las Vegas festival we visited Red Rock Canyon on the outskirts of town. L-R: Nick Cobban, Noah Shaffer, John Howard, Alan Lloyd.
On our final night in Las Vegas we visited the City Lights club, which featured some great blues and soul from Bobby Jones and Monique Brewster.
And here's one of the lovely Monique, who has a fantastic voice.
On our way south from Las Vegas we had a tour of the Joshua Tree National Park.
Staying in San Diego, we took a day trip across the Mexican border to Tijuana, where we dressed up in ponchos and sombreros. L-R: Dave Thomas, Nick Cobban, John Howard, Alan Lloyd.
This is the motel where Sam Cooke was shot dead in 1964. Actually it was on the parking lot next door. What a waste of a great life.
On our last night in Los Angeles we had a great evening visiting three blues clubs recommended by Allan Charmin' Larman, who was accompanied by Eli Paperboy Reed, who wowed audiences at all three clubs. This is one of the singers at the first of these, Bells Blues Workshop, which takes place in a garage in south LA every Sunday.
We moved on to La Louisianne, a smart bar and restaurant where soul singer Sonny Green takes the stage each week.
Here's a photo of Eli Paperboy Reed at La Louisianne.
Final stop on the night was the Pure Pleasure Club, which featured several acts and a lively crowd. Here is Madame Dee.
Here's another of the singers at the Pure Pleasure.
Finally, here are a few photos of me with some of the artists I saw on the trip. Firstly, at the Doowop Weekend, Chris Montez, who was holding a poster of his first UK tour in 1963 which had the Beatles low down on the bill. I saw that show in Croydon,
Here's one with Kathy Young, best known for A Thousand Stars.
And here's Jay Siegel, lead singer of the Tokens.
At Viva Las Vegas, here's one of me with rockabilly singer Johnny Knight.
At Bell's Blues Workshop, here's Eli Paper Reed.
And here's one with Sonny Green at La Lousianne.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Photos from Viva Las Vegas

Continuing my selection of photos from my recent US road trip, here are a few from the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender. It's a great festival with dozens of artists taking part, and here are some of the highlights: firstly Jack Scott, who was arguably the best of the lot.
Piano man Ezra Lee from Australia was impressive.
Representing Essex, here is Jackson Sloane.
Formerly with the Royal Rhythmaires, here is Jai Malano.
Another impressive English band were the Jets, featuring the Cotton brothers from Northampton. Here is bass player and lead singer Bob Cotton.
Here's an lively surf band from Milwaukee, the Exotics.
Yet another English band, the Polecats, with lead singer Tim Polecat.
Headlining at the Car Show, this is guitar hero Dick Dale.
Also headlining, and attracting a huge crowd, this is former Stray Cat Brian Setzer.
A busy man, appearing with The Dynaflos and the Unholy 4, as well as backing the doowop acts, here is L'il Mo.
First of four originally rockabilly artists on the bill, this is Billy Harlan.
Sleepy LaBeef produced a polished set.
Also impressive was Don Woody.
A new name to me, but also very good, this is Johnny Knight.
Here is Rocky Burnette, son of the great Johnny.
Backing up Rocky and also doing a solo set, here is Darrel Higham.
Headlining the doowop wet on the final night was the wonderful Bobby Hendricks.
Making a return appearance, after Long Island the previous week, here is Norman Fox with the Rob Roys.
Here is Billy Foster, lead singer of the Medallions.
Final act of VLV was the impressive Gizzelle.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Photos from the Long Island Doowop Weekend.

Now I'm back from the States I will be putting some of the many photos I took on my travels. This batch is of some of the acts who appeared at the Doowop Weekend at Hauppage in Long Island. First, here are Cleveland Still and the Dubs, one of the most effective acts on the two days.
Here are the Diablos, who were excellent on The Wind.
Still looking sprightly, and doing his original pop hits such as Go Jimmy Go and Just A Dream, here is Jimmy Clanton.
Also sounding good, here are Jimmy Gallagher and the Passions.
This is A Million To One artists Jimmy Charles.
Here are the Mystics, best known for Hushabye.
A surprise to me was Chuck Girard, who was lead singer of both the Castells (Sacred) and the Hondells (Little Honda).
I had never seen the Majors before either. Here they are, with one member playing the She's A Troublemaker role.
The original girl group, this is The Chantels.
Here is Linda Jansen, original lead singer of The Angels.
The Fireflies.
Here is Johnny Farina, of Santo and Johnny.
Kathy Young was excellent on her big hit A Thousand Stars.
Always certain to put on a great performance, here is Chris Montez.
This is Larry Chance with The Earls.
One of the best acts of day two were The Tokens, with lead singer Jay Siegel sounding just the way he did back in the day.
 Even better were the Jive Five, featuring Eugene Pitt.
Here is Willie Winfield, original member of The Harptones.
Finally, here is Jimmy Beaumont of the Skyliners.