Monday, March 20, 2006

Lazy Lester - the genuine article

Enjoyable show at the Metro last night by Lazy Lester. He seems to be keeping alive the memory of Excello records single handedly by doing live performances at every possible opportunity. I've seen him countless times over the years. But despite a gradual decline in his vocal ability, not helped by a cold last night, he's still a joy to watch and listen to at 72 years of age (even if most of his asides and anecdotes are rendered unintelligible by his Louisiana drawl). Dave Carroll raised an interesting point at last night's gig: which is preferable - an original, if fading, bluesman like Lester, or a sharper and no doubt technically superior artist like Little George, who supported Lester last night. For me, it has to be the original, even if the performance leaves quite a lot to be desired, because even the best of the new breed can never be anything more than a copyist. Dave, and others, may disagree, but I prefer the genuine article every time. And Lazy Lester - warts and all - is definitely the genuine article.


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