Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's all over now

So England have maintained tradition by losing on penalties. I predicted this result before the game and the boys didn't let me down. Wish I'd put a bet on it. Probably would have been odds on though. In retrospect I have to agree with the critics that the team didn't play well, despite me having had a glass full approach while they were winning. They were uninspiring and at times downright poor. Interesting that the wonder boy Rooney failed to deliver and then got himself sent off. Interesting also that the despised Crouch looked twice as good as young Wayne when he came on. A few reputations have been badly damaged by the World Cup, including Lampard, Rooney and Gerrard, while there have been a few surprising heroes, such as Hargreaves and the aforesaid Crouch. Watching France beat Brazil made me realise that England never really had a chance of lifting the cup. If they had scraped through against Portugal they would doubtless have been beaten by Zidane and co. Oh well, it's back to the Premiership and unrealistic hopes for Euro 2008 - assuming we qualify. With Steve McClaren, Sven's accomplice in chief, in charge that's by no mean guaranteed.


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