Thursday, September 14, 2006

UK Rock goes top shelf

There's a great picture of 50s fetish queen Bettie Page wielding a whip on the cover of this month's UK Rock magazine (the journal of mining and minerology). Congratulations to John Howard for having the sense to turn the publication into a top shelf mag - it may be the only way he will recoup his money!
The interview with Mark Lamarr was good, but I was surprised he'd never seen Lloyd Price live. I first saw Lloyd at Jazzfest in about 1992 and he was excellent. He also took part in the Dewdrop Inn Remembered gig at a downtown New Orleans hotel which was the first and only time I saw Benny Spellman perform. I will dig out my diary for that year and include it in a future entry. Of course Lloyd also featured on the legends of rock and roll show at Wembley Arena a few years ago, along with Jerry Lee, Little Richard (who was presented with a cake for his 65th(?) birthday, Johnny Preston, Chris Montez, Little Eva and Duane Eddy. Great show - shame about the venue.


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