Sunday, July 15, 2007

Collectable EPs

It's been a good weekend record wise, with a big haul of old singles, mostly rock and roll, and with a great selection of EPs. The EP was the picture sleeve of the 50s and 60s because 45s generally came in company sleeves with picture sleeves used only rarely, unlike the contient where picture sleeves were the norm. They usually comprised the A and B side of a couple of singles so were a useful way of catching up if you missed out on the original issue of the 45. But they've become very collectable, in some cases, because sales were not particularly great as a rule. The pictures show four of the EPs that I obtained this weekend, including a couple of real rarities: Meet the Majors (no, not John and Norma), and Singing the Blues (no, not Tommy Steele, but classic New Orleans R and B from Ernie K-Doe, the Showmen, Jessie Hill and Chris Kenner).
It's Porretta next weekend and I'm looking forward to getting some sun as well as some good music. Talking of good music. I've been trying to think of something to say about the Tales From The Woods Terry Wayne gig at the 100 Club last Sunday. I''ll leave the write-up to gout-stricken John Howard, who no doubt will pen an enthusiastic review for UK Rock. It was quite an enjoyable show (the Rhythm Aces were excellent) and it's always good to see an original artist go through his or her repertoire, but it reminded me why I never much cared for British rock and roll at the time. There was Billy Fury of course, and Johnny Kidd up to a point, but most British rock and roll was second rate and unoriginal. Give me the original article every time.


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