Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eli 'Paperboy' Reed

Blue eyed soul singer Eli 'Paperboy' Reed doesn't look much like a paperboy. Nor a soul singer for that matter. If anything he looks like an up and coming investment banker. But he can certainly sing. His solo show at the Enterprise pub in Chalk Farm last night in a small sweaty room showed that this Boston boy has swotted up on the greats of southern soul and has a voice and guitar style that does justice to the music. Most of the songs he sang were originals, but he included one or two covers - by the Ovations, James Carr, Sam Cooke and Kip Anderson - which showed what inspired him. Apparently he spent a year in Clarksdale soaking up the blues and it showed in his strong deep soul voice. Quite exceptional for a 24 year white boy, and I will definitely look out for him when he comes back to the UK with his band in July.
A quick Final Word for Larry Levine, the recording engineer at Goldstar who made Phil Spector's dream of a Wall of Sound a reality as well as producing some of Eddie Cochran's classics, who died recently aged 80.
A word too for Afrika! Afrika! which is coming to the end of a long run at the 02. A mixture of contortionists, great dancers and circus acts from all parts of the African continent, it's an exciting show and well worth catching if you get the chance.


At 4:44 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for the record...Eli did a stunning second night and topped that off with gospel cover of Alex Bradford's 'Too Close'
Steve Lamac, Mark Lamarr and Nick Lowe were in attendance and Mark has booked the full group for a session when they arrive in July.
Nick S


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