Sunday, April 05, 2009

'Legends' at Ladbroke Grove

To the Inn on the Green in Ladbroke Grove last night for a free Tales From The Woods birthday gig (for Dave Woodland's 50th) featuring, according to Keith, a couple of British rock and roll legends, plus one or two others who by no stretch of the imagination warranted such a description. The two 'legends' - Dave Sampson and Danny Rivers - were backed by the ever improving Tales From The Woods House Band with John Hills on lead guitar and Bunter Brian on drums augmented by the excellent John Spenceley.

Dave Sampson's claim to fame was a series of pop 45s on Columbia in the early sixties with backing group The Hunters, the best known of which were Sweet Dreams and the obscurely titled Why The Chicken. Dave is still a very solid rock and roller who laid down a good set made up of rock and roll standards.
Danny Rivers, the second 'legend' also recorded some now highly collectable singles in the early 60s on Top Rank, Decca and HMV and. as is usual, did a short Elvis flavoured set finishing with Little Sister. Danny definitely looks the part with a surprisingly full and black head of hair, but it would be great to hear him do a more varied set some time.
The non legends on show last night included Ed First (is that really his name?) who dived head first into cacophonous versions of songs made famous by such 'original' rock and rollers as the Rolling Stones and Bob Seger. Completing the evening's entertainment were some attempts at rock and roll standards by Rockin' Gerry.
Altogether, though, an enjoyable evening, and if I'm less than excited it's because I yearn for the real thing, rather than covers - enthusiastic though the performers may be.


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