Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Music memories 1991 to 1993

Here are some more pictures from my album of some of the great gigs that took place in London between 1991 and 1993. Yet another reminder of why we should see the great artists while they are still around, as many of them have sadly passed away.
First, here are some photos from the Malaco show at the Mean Fiddler on July 7, 1993. Anyone who was there will remember it as one of the best gigs ever. Here's Little Milton, who sadly died in 2005. On the same show here is Denise LaSalle who is best known for her top 10 hit with My Toot Toot in 1985, but made many other fine records.
This is Latimore, one of the great unsung soul singers of the late 60s and 70s, who made a string of superb records during that period and well into the 80s - also on the Malaco show. I must admit I only became aware of him when I first visited New Orleans in 1989 and heard some of his tracks on WWOZ. What a voice (and what hair)!
Richard Berry is best known as the composer and originator of Louie Louie but his contribution to rock and roll was immense, including being lead singer with the Flairs, singing the bass voice on the Robins' Riot in Cell Block No 9 and the male voice on Etta James's Dance With Me Henry. Berry played the 100 Club on October 19, 1993. He died in 1997.
Another under rated rock and roll originator: this is boogie woogie and western swing pianist Merrill Moore at the Town and Country 2 on July 17, 1991. Best known for Down The Road a Piece, made famous by Chuck Berry, Merrill died in 2000.
This is bluesman Jimmy Witherspoon at the 100 Club on September 6, 1991. Jimmy died in 1997.
Here is jazz and soul singer Jean Carne at the WKD Cafe in Camden Town on August 18, 1992.
Here is swamp blues boogie woogie queen Katie Webster at the Venue, New Cross, on October 19, 1991. Katie died in 1999.
This is country/folk singer Jerry Jeff Walker, who played the Mean Fiddler on August 3, 1993.


At 8:37 pm , Blogger Dave C said...

As you rightly say, the Malaco show at the Mean Fiddler was a night to remember, made the more so by the stellar group of musicans on stage. Did you take any photos of Jimmy Johnson, David Hood etc to upload on the blog?

At 4:49 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Jean Carne pic, I was at the amazing show too


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