Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Orleans photos

Normally at this time of year I'm in New Orleans for Jazzfest and the Ponderosa Stomp. This year, for various reasons, I haven't been able to make the trip. So to mark the first weekend of Jazzfest here are some of the many photos I've taken of great New Orleans artists over the years. First, here's the Tan Canary, Johnny Adams, taken in the mid nineties. He died in 1998. This is Eddie Bo in full flow at Margaritaville. Eddie sadly passed on a few weeks ago.
Allen Toussaint guested at Irma Thomas's Lion's Den club in 1991.
Mac Rebennack, aka Dr John, signed a copy of his book Under a Hoodoo Moon for me at Jazzfest.
Aaron Neville photographed when the Neville Brothers played at Porretta in 2006.
Snooks Eaglin, who also sadly died earlier this year.
Jessie 'Oop Poo Pa Doo' Hill on the Creole Queen riverboat in in 1991. Jessie died in 1996.
Benny Spellman, whose classic 'Lipstick Traces' is one of my favourite New Orleans records, pictured at the Sheraton Hotel during the Dewdrop Inn Revisited show in 1993, which also featured Roland Stone, Bobby Marchan and Lloyd Price.This is the great Irma Thomas pictured with me at the Lions Den club on Gravier St - now no more as a result of Katrina.Two New Orleans greats: Chuck Carbo and Sugarboy Crawford at Jazzfest.
Tha late Barbara George with me on the Creole Queen riverboat.
Three photos of Ernie K-Doe: 1) On his 'throne' at the Mother In Law Lounge with John Howard and myself in 1998; 2. With his minibus in downtown New Orleans in 2000, a year before his death - taken by Antoinette K-Doe, who died this year; 3) looking rather bored on the Creole Queen.


At 10:48 am , Anonymous Richard said...

Thanks for the Pics of New Orleans Artists!

At 12:56 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics, especially the one of you and Barbara George. There are virtually no other photos of her floating around other than her 1961 head shots.


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